Hawai’i Island REALTORS® Caravan Policies

1. East Hawai’i Caravans are for REALTOR® members, HIR Business Partners and Affiliates, and clients accompanied by REALTORS®.

2. The deadline to submit your caravan requests is on the Wednesday prior to the scheduled caravan date by 2:00pm. Caravan requests must be submitted online at www.hawaiiislandrealtors.org/caravans. Late submissions will not be accepted.

3. All properties must have an ACTIVE MLS number when submitted. Vacant land and rental properties will be added to the caravan schedule at the discretion of the caravan coordinator.

4. There is no limit to the total number of submissions per agent, but each agent/team is limited to no more than three listings per caravan and will be at the discretion of the caravan coordinator.

5. Listing agents, licensed-assistant, or other REALTOR® must be present at caravan to show the listing.

6. Properties may be resubmitted for caravan if it has been three months or longer since it was last on caravan, unless there is a new listing agent, the property has been substantially changed (physically), or if it has had a substantial price reduction.

7. It is encouraged that all listing agents view all properties on caravan.

8. There will be no alcoholic beverages served during caravan at meeting places or listings.

9. Properties shall be accessible to 2-wheel drive vehicles (unpaved roads), should a 4-wheel drive vehicle be required, it should be noted.

10. All caravan submissions are accepted and scheduled at the discretion of the caravan coordinator.

11. Listing agents must notify the caravan coordinator if planning to serve refreshments and/or are planning any special activities at a caravan listing, in coordination with caravan sponsor(s). Please do not contact sponsor(s) directly.

Caravan Policies – Last Updated: February 2016