Responsibility: Serve as a member of the governing body of the Hawaii Association of Realtors®.


A. Attend all State Association Board of Directors’ meetings and, when possible, the annual convention.

B. Keep HIR members informed on the activities of the state Association.

C. Present to the State Association Board of Directors any programs, suggestions or concerns of HIR.

D. Be familiar with HAR’s Strategic and Operational Plans and assist in their implementation.

E. Annually solicit at least one HIR member, who is not currently serving in a volunteer capacity, to serve as: 1) a HIR Committee or work group member, 2) a HIR Director or 3) an HAR Committee Member.


  • Must be a REALTOR® in good standing.
  •  Appointed by the HIR Board of Directors.
  •  Strongly encouraged to be an investor in RPAC.
  •  Must be actively engaged in the real estate business and hold an active real estate license from the state of Hawaii.

Stipends: Air travel to HAR Board meetings are covered by HAR. Reasonable ground transportation to and from the meetings shall be a covered reimbursable expense, as dictated by HIR in its Travel Policy.

Terms: Terms are as dictated in the Bylaws and as membership count allows, per HAR.