Hawai’i County’s Electronic Processing & Inspection Center “EPIC”

The County of Hawai’i’s Electronic Processing & Inspection Center opened to the public on July 28. This new system allows users to enter applications for new permits online, track and manage applications, and pay permit fees. EPIC improves transparency and streamlines the application and approval process, allowing multiple approving agencies to review plans concurrently. In addition, once a building permit is issued, contractors can request inspections and view the results of the inspections online. Register for a user account to apply for a plan or permit application and track its progress. Before submitting an application please review the Electronic Review Plan.

Click here for more Information on Hawai’i County’s EPIC System

Training videos on the system can be found in the HELP section on the Application Assistant (tylerhost.net) website.

REALTORS® are encouraged to reach out to the homeowners to obtain the official stamped permit when purchasing a house.

REALTOR® Training on the EPIC System

With the launch of the County’s new online and paperless permitting system – now known as the “EPIC” system – we understand that our members are facing difficulties and challenges in navigating and utilizing the new website. Your Hawai’i Island REALTORS® Government Affairs Committee (HIR GAC) is putting together a Zoom webinar with Zendo Kern, Director of the Hawai’i County Planning Department and Ikaika Rodenhurst, Director of the Hawai’i County Department of Public Works. This virtual meeting is set for Wednesday, October 27th at 2:00 p.m. 

In preparation for the webinar, your HIR GAC would like for you to respond to the following questionnaire within the registration, so that we may be able to better address the needs and concerns of the membership in regards to the County’s EPIC system. Your feedback will make for a better program and assist us in fine-tuning the training opportunities we hope to provide with this meeting.