HIR Continues Caravan Virtually for Remainder of 2020

Attend caravans to know what’s HOT on the market, and you’ll have first-hand knowledge of the current inventory!

Do you have an active listing on the market? Participate and add your home to the virtual Caravan schedule for more exposure! Who knows, there might be a Buyer’s Agent attending that has a potential buyer. HIR’s East Hawai’i Caravans and “Calabash” Caravan covers island wide inventory! Do you know what’s hot, hot, hot? Know the inventory!

HIR Virtual Caravans will continue to be offered via Zoom Video Conference with agenda beginning at 8:45 a.m. Visit the HIR CARAVAN WEB PAGE for all caravan information, weekly schedules or to add your home to the caravan. All caravan schedules will be posted when received from the respective Coordinators. Have a caravan inquiry? Contact a Caravan Coordinator

LATEST UPDATE: In a Caravan Committee meeting on 8/17/2020, it was decided that HIR virtual caravans will continue throughout the rest of the year, until further notice. The Committee will assess when caravans will revert back to live caravans, if possible, and will coordinate with safety trends at that time.

Based on current market trends and listing inventory, the HIR Caravan Committee decided to group caravan areas and schedule virtual caravans on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. This change will be in effect as of August 5th and will continue until further notice.

  • 1st Wednesday Areas: Lower Puna, Kea’au-Volcano, and HOA
  • 3rd Wednesday Areas: HPP, Hilo, and North Hilo

This will leave the 2nd and 4th Wednesday open should we decide to add a “Calabash” caravan. As we continue virtual caravans, we have the opportunity to extend outside of our east Hawai’i geographical areas we already serve. The Caravan Committee considered a free-for-all “Calabash” Caravan which would allow listings from Kaʻū, Kona, North Hawai’i through Hāmākua in our same virtual caravan format.

Should you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions we encourage you to contact HIR Staff (admin@hawaiiislandrealtors.org) at any time. We appreciate your continued participation and support of our caravans!