Responsibility: Participate as a member of the governing body of the Association.


The HIR Director shall:

  •  Attend every Board of Directors meeting in accordance with the Bylaws of the Association.
  •  In addition to service on the Board of Directors, each Director in strongly encouraged to serve on at least one of the following Committees: Government Affairs, Member Services, Education, Nominations, Public Relations, Programs, Sub-committee or Work group.
  •  Keep the members informed of the activities of the Association.
  •  Present to the Board of Directors any programs, suggestions or concerns of the members.
  •  Make every attempt to attend all major functions of the Association.
  •  The Directors shall have a working knowledge of the Bylaws, the Policy Manual, The Code Ethics and Arbitration Manual and Robert’s Rules of Order.Be familiar with the Association’s Strategic Plan and assist in the implementation of the objectives and strategies.
  •  Keep abreast of the accomplishments of the Association, HAR and NAR so as to be prepared to discuss these matters with the membership.
  •  Be prepared to accept all other duties as requested by the President, and maintain continuous liaison with the Executive Officer and other assigned staff to ensure proper coordination in the conduct of the Association’s business.
  •  Annually solicit at least one HIR Member, who is not currently serving in a volunteer capacity, to serve as: 1) a HIR Committee or work group member, 2) a HIR Director or 3) an HAR Committee Member.

Must be a REALTOR® Member in good standing
Strongly encouraged to be an investor in RPAC.
Must have attended training on the enforcement of the Code of Ethics within the last two years.
Must be actively engaged in the real estate business and hold an active real estate license from the state of Hawaii (Exceptions: Affiliate Council Director).
Directors appointed by the President must be one of the following: 1) REALTOR® Member in good standing, 2) Affiliate Member in good standing.

Term: The seven (7) elected directors who are REALTOR® Members of the Association shall be elected to serve for terms of two (2) years. No Director shall serve for more than two (2) consecutive terms.