2022 REALTOR® of the Year – Kealohanui Browning, REALTOR® Salesperson, Hawai’i Life

The REALTOR® of the Year is awarded annually to an individual who has exemplified the ideal spirit of a REALTOR®; whether it be a commitment to their profession, or a commitment to the community. The awarding committee evaluates a nominee’s participation in the REALTOR® association, as well as community involvement in civic and charitable organizations. The REALTOR® of the Year acknowledges an individual’s high principles, faithfulness to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and efforts to further the principles of good real estate practice among other members.


2021    Tracy Lewis
2020    C. Kapono Pa
2019    Pat Halpern
2018    Catherine “Cathy” Fedak
2017    Wailana Herbst
2016    Howard Meguro
2015    Julie Hugo
2014    C.J. Kimberly
2013    Peggy Yuan
2012    Rochelle Augustin Beck
2011    Julie Ching
2010   Deborah Au
2009   Denise Nakanishi and Mealoha Kraus
2008   Gary Rothfus
2007   Heather Hedenschau
2006   Arabel Camblor
2005   Wade Park and Frank Goodale
2004   Gary Davis

2003   Christine Makaweo
2002   Gae Callaway
2001   Mary Begier
2000   Adele Eggel
1999   Chris Brilhante
1998   Helene Tajiri & Donna Herbst
1997   Edith Crabb
1996   Nancy Cabral
1995   John Tolmie
1994   Robert G. Williams
1993   Michael Shewmaker
1992   Glenetta Bennett
1991   Daniel Wilson
1990   Doris Smith
1989   Yukio Takeya
1988   Pat Ito

1986   Paul Ingledew
1985   Patricia Scullary and Delene Osorio
1984   Bill Pendered Jr.
1983   Jerry Hirata
1982   Alvin Inoue
1981   Vern Yamanaka
1980   Alma Prigmore
1979   Elroy Osorio
1978   Doris Smith
1977   Beverly Paplimu
1976   Peter Shayne
1975   Helene Hale
1974   Kenneth Griffin
1973   Edward Araujo
1972   Masashi Yamanaka
1971   Leina’ala Devine