Responsibility: Serve as a replacement for the President if he/she is unable to fulfill any of his/her assigned duties.

Duties The President-Elect shall:

  1. Direct the activities of the Nominations Committee and act as its Chairperson:, and shall represent the Committee, its Sub-committees, Task Forces and assigned work groups before the Board of Directors.
  2. Serve on the Executive Committee.
  3. Serve as Vice-Chairperson of the Board of Directors by virtue of election to the position of President-Elect, and shall serve as a HAR Director-at-Large, in accordance with the policies and procedures of HAR.
  4. Review all actions of assigned Committees, Sub-committees, Task Forces and work groups to assure that such actions are in compliance with adopted policies, budget and strategic plan.
  5. Be responsible for all the duties and responsibilities of the President in the event of the President’s absence or incapacity.
  6. Recommends to the President, members willing to serve as Directors and Officers during the following year.
  7. Along with the President and Executive Officer may sign all official contracts or instruments the Board of Directors has authorized to be executed.
  8. With the assistance of the Executive Officer, prepare and hold a leadership training and planning session for Directors and Officers and Committee Chairpersons, in December of the year preceding presidency or no later than January of year of Presidency.
  9. Make every attempt to attend the HAR and NAR business meetings, the NAR Leadership Summit and may serve as the delegate to the convention of the National Association of REALTORS®.
  10. Make every attempt to attend all major functions of the Association and shall be prepared to act on behalf of the President in his/her absence.
  11. Have a working knowledge of the Bylaws, the Policy Manual, The Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual, and Roberts’ Rules of Order.
  12. Be familiar with the Association’s Strategic Plan and assist in the implementation of the objectives and strategies.
  13. Keep abreast of the accomplishments of the Association, HAR and NAR so as to be prepared to discuss these matters with the membership and the public.
  14. Be prepared to accept all other duties as requested by the President, and maintain continuous liaison with the Executive Officer and other assigned staff to ensure proper coordination in the conduct of the Association’s business.
  15. Solicit HIR members, not currently serving in a volunteer capacity, to serve on HIR Committees, as a HIR Director, or as an HAR or NAR committee member or director.
  16. Serve as a member of all committees.

Qualifications: Must be a REALTOR® Member in good standing. Strongly encouraged to be an investor in RPAC. Must have attended training on the enforcement of the Code of Ethics within the past two years. Must be actively engaged in the real estate business and hold an active real estate license from the state of Hawaii. Term: The President-Elect is elected for a term of one year and automatically succeeds to the office of President.