UPDATE: Hawai’i County TAR Proposed Amendments

The Hawai’i Island REALTORS® and West Hawai’i Association of REALTORS® Government Affairs Committees have joined forces to address the pressing issues regarding the Transient Accomodation Rental (TAR) Proposed Legislation. The group developed talking points related to the first draft release, and will be updated as proposed amendment changes. We will keep you updated so that you can keep your clients, who may be impacted by this, informed.

Both associations together applied for the NAR Issues Mobilization Grant and was approved for over $52,000. This grant will help our groups with campaigning for educational and informational ads, including digital ads and a landing page (website). Once the details for the landing page are finalized we will distribute the link to membership.

We were informed that council members Kierkiewicz and Kimball created a webpage for informational purposes regarding TAR proposal.

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